About us

Children’s and teenagers’ day centre Vilties Angelas (The Angel of Hope) is a division of the Archdiocese of Vilnius, which started its activity in 1994. While supporting children from the age of 1 to 19 and their families, we promote their welfare and lead them on their way to meeting God.

We make friends with children, teenagers and families. Much effort is put to help the children enjoy their childhood and get to know the colourful world. We aim at helping teenagers to prepare for the future with much responsibility, be strong in the face of challenges and aware of the difficulties that life poses, and we strive for enabling parents to take care of their children and look for the solutions to difficulties.

We implement the following programmes:

Mūsų mažieji (Our Little Ones) is meant for children from 4 to 6 years. We start communicating with a child from an early age to help him/her grow, learn, get to know oneself and the world, and experience friendship. Children are offered individual meetings and group classes.

Kasdieniukai (The Daily Ones) is for 7–11 year olds who come to the day centre four or five times a week to do their homework, play, take part in classes, and meet one’s big brother or big sister.

Tiltai (Bridges) is meant for 12–15 and 16–19 year-old teenagers. These young people start visiting the day centre at an early age. Thus, when they become teenagers we know each other rather well and share a strong friendship. Teenagers are offered guidance and support in learning, classes to foster their social skills, and rich leisure time.

Šeimos užuovėja (Family Shelter) is the programme for children’s parents. We support them in solving the arising difficulties, consult them on child’s upbringing and education, organise classes to develop their parental and work skills, and celebrate different holidays together.

A group of unemployed mothers make postcards out of dried flower petals. In this way they preserve their work skills and can make a living. The voluntary contribution for a postcard is 2 euros. Postcards can be delivered by post. If you are interested, please contact us by e-mail: viltiesangelas@vilnius.caritas.lt.

Parama per atstumą (Support from a Distance) is support to a concrete child by a voluntary contribution of 145 euros a year to meet his/her most important needs. The supporter communicates with the child by writing letters. The child realises that there exists a person who helps him/her and takes care of him/her.

Karolina (15 years old) has written: “I am sending a book marker which I have made myself. When you read an interesting book, you’ll remember me”.

We are joined by volunteers who generously donate their time, abilities and talents to children, teenagers and their families.